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Tipping system CT

The tipping system can be used for emptying different sizes of containers into your compactor or onto a conveyor belt. The system can be adjusted to different tipping heights.Choose between a stationary model with feet or moveable with wheels.

Highlights and product features

Efficient emptying of bins

Flexible tipping and emptying systems for standard plastic bins.


Individual solutions

With three different models and different options, you can get a tipping system that suits your individual needs.


Tipping System - for emptying waste bins:

  • For standard bins
  • Fixed- or swivel wheels or stationary legs
  • Tipping height between 1600-2500 mm
  • For bins up to 1100 litres
  • User panel can be placed on the right or left side
  • Durable design – strong steel construction
  • Hydraulic cylinders
  • Safe in use

As quiet as an air conditioner

Details and benefits

Which bins or containers can be used?

The tipping system can handle various types of bins and containers up to 1100 litres.


Easy to reach the control panel

You choose whether you want the control panel placed on either left or right side of the tipping system.


Stationary or moveable tipping system

We supply both stationary and moveable tipping systems. The last-named have fixed wheels or swivel wheels, which can be locked with a brake.


Technical specifications

Power supply1x230V 50Hz 10A
Motor (kW)1.1
Noise Level (dB)65-68
Cycle time avg. (sec)57-75
Dimensions WxDxH (mm)2100 x 2510 x 4600
Weight (kg)1000
Tipping height (mm)1670-2570
Load capacity (kg)400

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